Creative Writing is an avenue…

An avenue to anywhere and everywhere! It can range from a simple journal entry to the Harry Potter series, to A Midsummer Night’s Dream. Creative writing can be as dark and macabre as you dare, or as uplifting as you feel. The creative writing process is an exercise of the mind that can show immediate results. As you let your mind soar you may surprise yourself with untapped creativity you never knew you had.

Matt Crutchfield – Writer

Creative writing can be cathartic and therapeutic as well. If something is wearing away at your spirit, write it out! Let the words flow with the honesty that only raw emotion can elicit. It may bring out fears and tears as you put pen to paper, but that’s part of the process of putting it out there, to let it go.

Creative writing can be for your eyes only, or it can become a book on the New York Times bestseller list. The control belongs to the writer and that can be very empowering. No rules and no limits. That’s what creative writing can bring to the table. A rough draft, some revisions and some insightful editing, and a finished product can be yours to enjoy.

An honest and heartfelt critique can be helpful in crafting a finished product, but nobody has the right to say how you did it was wrong. If anyone believes that they can turn and twist your story like a pretzel to make it better, that’s proof positive that creative writing can be for everybody, and anybody can write a story of their own.

In a crazy world where control can seem to be everywhere except in the palm of your hand, creative writing allows you to be the tour guide, the events coordinator, the captain, and the crew.  So feel free to let your mind wander to the four corners of the Earth, and beyond! A great editor can bring your writing to new places, by asking insightful questions designed to take your writing deeper and help it to be more thought provoking. With a little bit of conscientious editing, you’ll never know the places you will go!  


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