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How is Your Writing Edited?

Do you rely on auto correct to edit your materials?  That may not always be your best option. In fact, it never is your best option, especially if you’re using a voice-to-text program and not paying careful attention to your final product. As a former English teacher, reading specialist, and college composition instructor with over 25 years of experience, I have a much better solution for all your writing problems.  Not only do I correct grammatical, mechanical, and typographical errors, but I also edit your writing for greater clarity, consistency, and coherence.  Your final product is powerful, professional, and something you can be proud of.

When you have a piece of writing that you would like me to proofread and edit, here is the process that I follow. I will:

  1. Set up a phone call, zoom call or in-person meeting to discuss your needs.
  2. Have you email me your materials as a Word document for the editing phase.
  3. Use Word’s “track changes” feature to make edits. This allows you to see all the changes I have made and gives you the ability to choose the ones you agree with or choose “accept all” if you agree with everything. If you like, I can also include comments in the margins to explain why I made the changes I did.
  4. Review your document a second time, after you have selected the changes you want made, and produce a final, clean copy for you. This second review is included in the rates.

I have had experience editing a number of different document types for a variety of clients.  Below are examples of the types of clients I have worked with and the kinds of writing they produce.

Types of Clients:

  • Authors: books, short stories, blog posts, poetry, articles
  • Academics: dissertations, reports, research papers, journal articles, scientific papers
  • Job Applicants: résumés, cover letters, profiles, bio. pages, thank you letters
  • Business People: reports, manuals, brochures, newsletters, website content

If you fit into one of these categories and you want your writing to show you at your best, reach out to Eagle-Eye-Editing and I will help you make your writing soar!

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